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Former Pupils

A wee selection of our latest pupils and a very well done on passing your driving test and getting your full driving licence. Many thanks go to those who agreed to be entered into our Hall Of Fame.

Could you be next to pass your driving test!!

What Our Pupils Have Said

First time pass this morning, all thanks to Bill. Started my lessons as a terrified learner but Bills fun personality and attitude put me at ease quickly. I highly recommend Bill to anyone whom is very nervous or unsure about starting lessons, you will be loving it in no time! Cheers Bill, couldn't have done it without you.

Jamie Lowden 

Recently passed my driving test first time and its all thanks to Bill. Top guy! Lessons are varied, fun and relaxed. Bill makes you feel comfortable, he's always up for a laugh and he's a fabulous instructor at the same time. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Laura Toner

I passed my test today with Bill, all i can say is he is a superb driving instructor, real nice guy acts more like ur pal instead of an instructor makes lesson real easy.. you would he stupid to go with someone else!!!! Cheers mate.

Jamie Gill

I cannot thank you enough Bill Nugent You are one in a million and if you got me through it then anyone has a chance especially with your patience and patter. Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart x 

Carrie Tennant 

Passed first time today with Bill. Would highly recommend him he's always up for laugh and a joke but is also a good instructor too always made me feel confident thanks bill :)

Jamielee Boland 

Passed my test on Tuesday thanks to Bill, very good instructor and highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Always have a laugh and he made me very confident in my driving.

Karen Le feuvre

Passed my driving test first time yesterday thanks to Bill. Bill was always patient and encouraging. His relaxed manner made me feel at ease from the first lesson. I would definitely recommend Bill! Thanks :) 

Emily Craig 

Passed my driving test this morning, first time! Bill was absolutely fantastic - very patient, makes you feel very comfortable and really helps you to get a grip of driving. I didn't feel out of place asking for help or asking to do extra practice on my manoeuvres or anything. Such a nice guy and a brilliant instructor! Would highly recommend!! :D 

Jill Borland 

Passed first time today and couldn't have done it without Bill! Makes you feel at ease while driving whilst also giving informative instructions and advice about anything that I was unsure of. Can have a laugh as well which is always a bonus! Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking up lessons, Cheers Bill!

Sean McMorrow 

Passed first time today thanks to Bill! Wouldnt have been possible without him. Brilliant guy as well as a brilliant instructor. He keeps lessons light hearted whilst also making them informative. I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Cheers bill! x

Ross Robertson 

I passed my test recently first time! As a slightly older driver I couldn't have asked for a more patient and calm instructor. Bill was great and a true professional who explained things well and made every lesson relaxed. I would 100% recommend Bill to anyone who wants to learn! Thanks Bill

Lindsay Winter 

Passed my driving test first time today with Bills help! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, his way of teaching was both relaxed and informative. Enjoyed every lesson, that's me and my brother both passed through Bill, would definitely recommend to friends and family and anyone else looking to learn to drive!

Thanks again Bill!

Alun Rees 

I passed my driving test first time this week with Bill. I loved having an instructor you could have a laugh with during lessons but who also had a professional approach to driving. He is relaxed and patient and gave me the confidence I needed to get a pass. Would recommend him to anyone learning to drive, thanks Bill!! X

Kirsty Dickson 

Passed my driving test first time last week with Bill. He was extremely patient with me and helped me overcome any troubles I was having. Loved learning in a relaxed environment with Bill and will recommend him to all my friends. Thanks Bill ! :)

Sarah McDonald

Passed my test first time with Bill he's an excellent instructor, he helped me every step of the way, i would highly recommend Bill to anyone wishing to take lesson, good luck to everyone starting to drive, Bill is the man for you.

Trevor McLaughlin

Just passed my driving test first time yesterday after a weeks intensive course with Bill, really couldn't recommend him enough.. very patient and explains everything really well. always said I'd never drive and here I am with my license and a wee car now, thanks so much again Bill!!

Luisa Barcella

Such a great and patient instructor! Sat my test a couple of times before learning with Bill with no success. Only 10 lessons with Bill and I passed no problem! Would definitely recommend. Thanks Bill :)

Hannah McIntosh

Bill is a fantastic instructor and an even better bloke. I recently just passed my test first time and its down to Bill for encouraging me that little bit extra. I couldn't recommend him enough. Cheers Bill!

Steven Dunsmore

Managed to pass first time with only 2 minors after taking 9 hours of lessons with Bill. He's a great guy with the occasionally good banter. I'd recommend Bill to anyone looking to pass their test and to gain a high level of driving skill.

Allan Begg

Passed my driving test first time today thanks to Bill, highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to drive. The wee clio is fantastic.

Stuart Don

Great guy and a very patient teacher, lessons were very relaxed and enjoyable having a laugh between learning too. Me and my brother learned from Bill and i'd recommend him to any of my friends looking to learn to drive. Thanks Bill :)

Martin Fleming

Would recommend to anybody looking for a professional approach to driving.

Stewart Craigie

That was the best day ever! Thanks again Bill! My dad was like 'just drive tomorrow u will be too excited today' What??? Not a chance when MY car is sitting outside.

Fraser Murray

You're a really great instructor and couldn't have passed first time without u dude.. :) lets be having this pass plus..

Natalie Devlin

Thank you so much Bill for all ur time and patience that you gave to Natalie im sooooo proud :)

Anji.. Natalies mum

Bill is a very good instructor. He's calm, patient and a very good coach and caters for all abilities. I would recommend him to any one interested in taking driving lessons.

Lewis Deans

Bill's an amazing instructor! He was very patient when i was over confident/argumentative/ terrified /etc. He has lots of catchy phrases to remember things with, a great web site, and has all the manouvres printed if you're a visual learner. I felt very well prepared for the test, which i passed first time. Thanks Bill!

Amy Oliphant

Bill is very patient and helpful. I was nervous about starting my lessons but he gave me the confidence i needed to go on and pass my test first time. I would recommend him to anyone looking to start driving lessons.

Thomas Tsiolis