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Driving Lessons

Weekly Driving Lessons

You can have 1 hour driving lesson or 2 hour driving lessons, usually an hours driving lesson at a time is sufficient, as your training progresses you may feel the need to increase your lessons to 2 hours.

Intensive Driving Courses

The Intensive Courses that we offer range from 10 hours to 42 hours depending on your previous driving experience. We would recommend that you complete your Theory Test before starting these courses.

We would recommend that you book your driivng test for shortly after completing the driving course and using this time between the course and the practical test for private practice and mock tests.

Refresher Driving Lessons

This course is planned by you for you and refresher lessons can restore your confidence so please don't be reluctant to ask:

    your confidence with dealing with roundabouts needs improving

    you were involved in an accident as a driver or as a passenger

    your confidence when driving at night needs improving

    you have passed your test and not driven much

    you have lived abroad and are returning home

Motorway Driving Lessons

Most newly qualified drivers have little or no experience of high volumes of fast moving traffic this is why fast motorway driving can be quite daunting and to most frightening. Our motorway lessons cover:

    route planning and lane discipline

    joining and leaving the motorway

    overtaking safely

    awareness and reaction to other road users

    what to do in an emergency

Roundabout Driving Lessons

Newly qualified drivers and indeed drivers who have been driving for some years find that dealing with roundabouts can be very daunting and frightening especially if you live in an area where there are little or no roundabouts. Our lessons on roundabouts will cover:

    how to recognize roundabouts and approach in the correct lane

    how to give the appropriate signal for the exit you intend to take

    how to anticipate the actions of other drivers

    how to exercise good lane discipline throughout the roundabout

    how to use the hazard routine when exiting the roundabout

Night Driving Lessons

The biggest difference when driving at night compared to driving during the day is the difference in visibility whether it be your ability to see ahead or the ability of other road users to see you. Our night driving lessons will cover:

    how to use your headlights effectively

    how to use appropriate speed

    how to deal with other road users

    how to overtake

Midnight Birthday Lesson

Ideal surprise gift and first driving experience for your special teenager, we will arrive at the learner's home at 11:30pm and after licence and eyesight checks the learner will be briefed on the main controls of the car and how to move away & stop in preparation for midnight.

They will then enjoy a full 1 hour drive experience finishing back at the learner's home where they will be presented with a certificate of their achievement.

Gift Voucher

Why not give your loved one a Learnwithbill gift voucher on that special occasion whether its a birthday gift, congratulation gift or a graduation gift we can issue you with a personalized gift voucher at no extra cost. You can pay as little as an hours driving lesson and all vouchers include details on how your loved one can arrange their Learnwithbill lessons.